VMware Horizon 2312

As usual, every 3 months VMware releases a new version of Horizon (and also of almost all EUC applications)
The following have been available for a few days:
Horizon 8 2312
App Volumes 4 2312
Dynamic Environment Manager 2312
ThinApp 2312

Among the various features released for Horizon 8, the most interesting one is Agent Auto Upgrade:

“The agent auto upgrade feature allows customers to automatically initiate upgrades without manual intervention. To utilize this feature, on-premises systems must have access to CDS servers. Customers without CDS access can establish their webserver, host the agent components, and then register the agent build with the connection server to upgrade agents in VDI/RDSH desktops. This feature requires Horizon Plus or Horizon Universal License, and is available for Full Clone Desktops and RDSH Servers only. To upgrade Horizon Agent in Instant Clone Desktop Pools or RDS Farms, upgrade Horizon Agent on the Golden Image and schedule maintenance to push the new image.”

VMware Horizon 2312

Steps for Upgrade Horizon 23xx to the next version

The release of new versions of VMware Horizon 8 each quarter of the year (to provide new features and resolve any security holes) entails the need to have a consolidated, conservative update procedure with the least impact on users.
Below I report the procedure that I am using successfully.

User impact:

  • Users already connected to the VDI do not encounter problems or disconnections
  • Users who need to connect during update activities may have problems (normally a maintenance window is declared)


  • Restarting the Connection Servers Operating System (One at a time is a step preparatory for committing any pending Windows updates), after each reboot check from the Horizon web console that everything is ok
  • Disable Provisioning
  • Shut down all three Connection Servers
  • Snapshot of the VMs hosting the Server connection
  • Turn on the Connection Server (One at a time), after each reboot check from the Horizon web console that everything is ok
  • Backup DB Adam (C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware View\Server\tools\bin\vdmexport.exe > vdmconfig.ldf)
  • Disable and Updating one Connection Server ( disabling the Connection Server being updated puts the connection server offline for the load balancer on the top of the connection servers and it is not used for authenticating users and assigning VDI) and after upgrade enable the Connection Server.
  • Repeat the previous step for all Connection Servers
  • If necessary, reapply the customizations
  • Check from the console that everything is ok

After the horizon upgrade, test the Desktop Pool:

  • Try a connection from internal
  • Try a connection from external
  • Delete a VDI machine
  • Publish a new Master Image

For upgrading three Connection servers all steps necessity of two hours
During the activities, the users connected to the VDI do not encounter any problems

The next step, after complete the Connection Servers upgrade, is to update the Horizon agent on the master image and delete the Connection Servers snapshot

Steps for Upgrade Horizon 23xx to the next version