Horizon Web Client Customization

In the past, I’ve talked about how to customize the Horizon Web Client login page. Normally when you log in you are asked whether to continue with the Web Client or download the Windows client, if required we can omit this page.

To do this you need to change the following value:


setting it as false

this parameter is found in the file portal-links-html-access.properties in the connection server folder C:\ProgramData\VMware\VDM\portal, if you have a connection server cluster you have to do the switch on all servers

Horizon Web Client Customization

vSphere 7u2 – LifeCycle Manager Parallel Remediate

Let’s see one of the new functions of vSphere 7u2 and precisely the possibility of parallelizing the remediation function with LifeCycle Manager

We must use the new version of vCenter 7u2 and once we have performed the stage on all the nodes of a cluster we can proceed to remediate by putting first the nodes we want to update in maintenance mode manually

In my case we put three hosts in maintenance mode

Among the additional options, of the remediate phase, we enable parallelism and we can choose whether the number of contemporary hosts on which the update will be made is managed automatically….

… or we manually specify how many to do

And then off….

vSphere 7u2 – LifeCycle Manager Parallel Remediate

WLS Ubuntu 20.04 – Powercli On Linux and use it for Horizon

Well I want to use my WSL Ubuntu 20.04 to use powercli command to manage old Horizon Version (Flash ko)

  • Start to install all updates on my Ubuntu 20.04

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get upgrade

  • Configure source for downlad ed install powercli 

sudo apt-get install curl

 curl https://packages.microsoft.com/keys/microsoft.asc | sudo apt-key add

sudo curl -o /etc/apt/sources.list.d/microsoft.list https://packages.microsoft.com/config/ubuntu/20.04/prod.list

sudo apt-get update

  • Install powershell 

sudo apt-get install powershell

sudo pwsh

Set-PowerCLIConfiguration -InvalidCertificateAction:Ignore

  • Install PowerCli Module

Install-Module -Name VMware.PowerCLI

  • Install the horizon module

Import-Module -Name VMware.VimAutomation.HorizonView

  • Download additional module

For download

Run Example Horizon PowerCLI Scripts (vmware.com)

  • Import Horizon Module

Create Horizon Desktop Pool using PowerCLI – Roderik de Block

PowerCLI-Example-Scripts/New-HVPool.md at master · vmware/PowerCLI-Example-Scripts · GitHub

WLS Ubuntu 20.04 – Powercli On Linux and use it for Horizon