OVFTOOL Deploy OVA o OVF from command line

I needed to deploy ova to esxi without vsphere web client or classic client.
For this operation i have used the OVFTOOL.
The tool is vmware tool and it is possible do download :


– Download file   VMware-ovftool-4.1.0-2459827-lin.x86_64.bundle (64bit version)
– Install on redhat  use this command sh vmware
          sh VMware-ovftool-4.1.0-2459827-lin.x86_64.bundle
– Copy to esxi over ssh the /usr/lib/vmware-ovftool/
           scp -r /usr/lib/vmware-ovftool/ root@*.*.*.*:/vmfs/volumes/<datastoreESXi>
– On esxi on  the datastore into directory /vmware-ovftool/ change the used shell for ovftool command.

# ————————
# Start Script for ovftool
# ————————

– For test the tool use this command:

/vmfs/volumes/<datastoreESXi>/vmware-ovftool/ovftool /vmfs/volumes/<datastoreEsxi>/<image>.ova

The file .ova need reside in the datastore esxi

In the output you see the ova info (es. use UEB .ova  unitrend enterprise backup) 

Now you are ready to deploy the ova appliance with this command:

/vmfs/volumes/datastore1/vmwareovftool/ovftool dm=thin ds=datastore1 “–net:access333=VM Network” “http://air.primp-industries.com/SLES-VM/SLES-VM.ovf” “vi://root:vmware123@”

OVFTOOL Deploy OVA o OVF from command line