vCPU:pCPU ratio

From official doc VMware:

      the following vCPU:pCPU ratios can be considered a good starting point for a design:
o1:1 to 3:1 is not typically an issue
oWith 3:1 to 5:1, you might begin to see performance degradation
o6:1 or greater is often going to cause a significant problem for VM performance
I have found this script in VMware Community Site:
Foreach($esx in Get-VMHost){
    $vCPU = Get-VM -Location $esx | Measure-Object -Property NumCpu -Sum | select -ExpandProperty Sum
    $esx | Select Name,@{N=‘pCPU’;E={$_.NumCpu}},

Output is:

Name            pCPU vCPU Ratio
—-            —- —- —–
phesx01.pre.lab   16   26   1.6
vCPU:pCPU ratio

After change vcenter hostname and ip error to access TsmVMwareUI

After change vcenter hostname and ip    when  i try to access a TSM Vmware Gui Web interface:

On the machine where the “Tivoli Data Protection for VMware” package is installed, open the Windows Services applet and stop the service: 
Open the file vmcliConfiguration  with notepad  (find the file in my case  on c:IBMtsmtdpvmwarewebserverusrserversveProfiletsmVmGUI) and change the name of old vcenter with the new vcenter
Now restart the service  “Data Protection for Vmware web Server service” and retry to connect at web interface
After change vcenter hostname and ip error to access TsmVMwareUI

Backup configuration MDS Cisco Switch FC

I use tftp server.
Use command line, connect with ssh client to MDS switch. In this case MDS9124.

MDS-TAPE-3S-01# copy running-config tftp:
Enter destination filename: [MDS-TAPE-3S-01-running-config]
Enter hostname for the tftp server:
Trying to connect to tftp server……
Connection to server Established. Copying Started…..
TFTP put operation was successful
Copy complete, now saving to disk (please wait)…

Backup configuration MDS Cisco Switch FC

Clone vm without vcenter

For clone disk and clone vm without vcenter :

cd /vmfs/volumes/Datastore01Raid10
 /vmfs/volumes/537dfea4-903a2d25-a8c3-00237da1046c # ls
SRVAPP01      SRVDC02       win2008R2ent

/vmfs/volumes/537dfea4-903a2d25-a8c3-00237da1046c # mkdir template2008
vmfs/volumes/537dfea4-903a2d25-a8c3-00237da1046c # vmkfstools -i SRVDC02/SRVDC02.vmdk template2008/template2008.vmdk
Destination disk format: VMFS zeroedthick
Cloning disk ‘SRVDC02/SRVDC02.vmdk’…
Clone: 100% done.
/vmfs/volumes/537dfea4-903a2d25-a8c3-00237da1046c #

And select custom configuration for add existing disk 

and after select other option for the disk “Use an existing virtual disk”

and select the vmdk create .

Clone vm without vcenter

Find serial number P2000 G3 HP

Use telnet or serial cable to connect login: admin

HP StorageWorks MSA Storage P2000 G3 iSCSI
System Name: SANxxx01
System Location: xxxxxxxx
Version: TS240P004-02
# show enclosure-status
Chassis                          Vendor   Product ID       CPLD EMP A CH:ID  Rev      EMP B CH:ID  Rev      WWPN
2S6249C294                       HP       SPS-CHASSIS      22         00:031 2018           01:031 2018     500c0ff015fa2e3c
Type     #  Status    FRU P/N      FRU S/N              Add’l Data
FAN      01 OK        592267-002   CN8245T302           —
FAN      02 OK        592267-002   CN8245T303           —
PSU      01 OK        592267-002   CN8245T302           —
PSU      02 OK        592267-002   CN8245T303           —
Temp     01 OK        BK829B       CN8243M044           temp=41 C

Find serial number P2000 G3 HP