Change Network adapter type on VM

After upgrade my vsphere infrastructure to 5.5 i have problem of disconnect network after reboot:

Now i have change on my vm windows the network adapter type from e1000 to vmxnet3

I have used this step :

– Save IP Address configuration
– Shutdown VM
– Copy Mac Address
– Remove E1000 network adapter
– Add vmxnet3 network adapter and set manual mac address
– Boot VM
– For windows 2008 and older set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1
– Remove, if present, the old network adapter
– Configure ip address…

Change Network adapter type on VM

Non-Disruptive Upgrade why is disruptive upgrade MDS9124 o my god!

Last DAY i have needed upgrade my MDS9124 from 5.0.4(d) to 5.2.8(e).

When i started the upgrade i recaived this message:

disruptive upgrade

O my god!!!! is not possible.

I found the solution… i have resolved with reload the switch (this is siwtch is up from 5 years and the memory is 90% busy).

After reload the upgrade is Non-disruptive

Non-Disruptive Upgrade why is disruptive upgrade MDS9124 o my god!


I need upgrade switch mds9124 for compatibility with San Volume Controller 7.4
Now  NX-OS on MDS switch is :

  kickstart: version 5.0(4d)
  system:    version 5.0(4d)

Command for view NX-OS is “show ver”

After this i have checked free space on bootflash dir:

dir bootflash:

       315    May 19 09:04:25 2010  MDS20100519015906567.lic
        315    May 19 09:05:15 2010  MDS20100519020136847.lic
        318    May 19 09:05:51 2010  MDS20100519020443144.lic
      46080    Aug 17 21:36:20 2011  lost+found/
   18832896    May 18 10:57:02 2010  m9100-s2ek9-kickstart-mz.4.2.5.bin
   18788352    Aug 17 21:33:05 2011  m9100-s2ek9-kickstart-mz.5.0.4d.bin
   52767390    May 18 11:03:06 2010  m9100-s2ek9-mz.4.2.5.bin
   56800543    Aug 17 21:30:34 2011  m9100-s2ek9-mz.5.0.4d.bin
       2064    Aug 17 21:41:19 2011  mts.log

Usage for bootflash://sup-local
  160452608 bytes used
    2519040 bytes free
  162971648 bytes total

In this switch i have less free space. I need old version.

MDS-CP-02# del bootflash:m9100-s2ek9-kickstart-mz.4.2.5.bin
MDS-CP-02# del bootflash:m9100-s2ek9-mz.4.2.5.bin

Ok i am ready to load news fw in to bootflash dir i use tftp server:
copy tftp:// bootflash:m9100-s2ek9-kickstart-mz.5.2.8e.bin
copy tftp://10.x.x.x/m9100-s2ek9-mz.5.2.8e.bin bootflash:m9100-s2ek9-mz.5.2.8e.bin