vCPU:pCPU ratio

From official doc VMware:

      the following vCPU:pCPU ratios can be considered a good starting point for a design:
o1:1 to 3:1 is not typically an issue
oWith 3:1 to 5:1, you might begin to see performance degradation
o6:1 or greater is often going to cause a significant problem for VM performance
I have found this script in VMware Community Site:
Foreach($esx in Get-VMHost){
    $vCPU = Get-VM -Location $esx | Measure-Object -Property NumCpu -Sum | select -ExpandProperty Sum
    $esx | Select Name,@{N=‘pCPU’;E={$_.NumCpu}},

Output is:

Name            pCPU vCPU Ratio
—-            —- —- —–
phesx01.pre.lab   16   26   1.6
vCPU:pCPU ratio