AppVolume Application in Pending Delete

In some situations, removing an Application of AppVolume may not result correctly, and as a result, the state of applications from the UI may result in deleting and stalling:

In my case, I also have the advantage that they have not remained in cancellation even if the Packages

To perform the cleanup, you must work on the AppVolume Database.

To proceed we must:

  • Locate the server that hosts the DB.
    • On an AppVolume server, in 64-bit ODBC, there is an SRVMANAGER entry edit the entry and identify the server’s name and its DB name.
  • Shut down each server with the App Volume Manager role of the App Volume Manager service.

  • Connect with SQL Management Studio to AppVolume DB.
  • Back up your DB.
    • Using the native SQL tool or third-party backup tools.
  • Remove the rows corresponding to the application in the dbo.app_products table.
    • In some situations, it may not be enough the name and then in the removal query we indicate the status that is deleting.

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If there are also packages in a state of deleting also proceed with the removal of the corresponding rows that we can find in the dbo table .app_packages.

AppVolume Application in Pending Delete

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