VMware Horizon 8 2303

At the end of March 2023, new versions of the products that make up the Horizon suite were released. (Connection Server, Volume App, DEM, and Unified Access Gateway)

There are several interesting features, below I report the link to each release note.

I bring to your attention the presence of AppVolume in a preview solution related to the use of AppVolume in the Azure environment. (This deployment option is intended for applications packages and not Writable Volumes)


VMware Horizon 8 2303 Release Notes

App Volume on Azure

VMware App Volumes Manager Deployment Guide for Azure –

App Volume 

VMware App Volumes 4, version 2303 Release Notes


VMware Dynamic Environment Manager 2303 Release Notes

Unified Access Gateway

Unified Access Gateway 2303 Release Notes (vmware.com)

VMware Horizon 8 2303

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